That’d be great

The following post has very little words and is mostly comprised of stupid illustrations. I’m living in the fog of depression today… for numerous reasons. In honor of these negative sensations, I’ve decided to sit down and make a post of things that’d be great to have right now. I’ve comprised a list of things that this world – my world – needs more of.  In no particular order:

1. an abundance of therapy dogs

Picture 18

Picture 35

Therapy dog uses nerf gun power to mercilessly destroy dementors:

Picture 37

Picture 39

Picture 41

Yes, I am under there somewhere.


2. unexpected hot beverages and baked foods

Picture 40


Picture 44


3. a better way to warm my ice-cold feet

Picture 47

Mini jacuzzi for each foot – yes please!

Picture 48



4. befriending dangerous wild animals, and just hanging out with them

Picture 49



5. better news – both in print and on television

What the news is today:

Picture 50

What the news should be:

Picture 51

And there you have it. I’m too depressed to write anything else. More importantly, where THE HECK is my herd of therapy dogs?

——————————-  ————————————–  ————————————

Important final note:

I was featured last month on the awesome SPD blog of Rachel S. Schneider, Coming to My Senses. I now command you all to go visit her blog! She also runs the facebook page, Sensory Processing Disorder Adult Support. She’s also super freaking amazing, and I drew her in my special way:

Picture 9

My post on her page, Warehouse Of Chaos , is about my trip to Best Buy with my mom.

Also, October is Sensory Processing Disorder awareness month. Rachel and I collaborated on a banner that looks a little something like this:



It’s beautiful, we know.

If we worked on it in real life, we’d probably look like this:

Picture 52


xo kelly




  1. Hello from a newbie reader. I’m enjoying these so much, and your drawings are adorable! I hope those therapy dogs have shown up by now!

    I have two excellent doggos, and a small army of stuffed animals I’ve had since I was little. No joke, when I’m depressed, anxious or in pain (Yay spd + fibromyalgia – double the fun!), my version of the weighted blanket is to gather them on the bed and burrow into a comforting cocoon of blankets, pillows and animals. Goofy but it works. If there’s no actual cuddly critters nearby, my fast fix is the rarepuppers sub on Reddit. Heckin’ good eyebleach, but no swearsies, the puppers don’t like!

    And I’ll have sweet tea and chocolate chip cookies as my manna from heaven, please 🙂

    1. Hi…still havent seen my therapy dogs, darn it! I’ll keep on waiting, I suppose. Or maybe I should also get an army of stuffed animals such as yours, for heckin’ good cuddling. 😛 xoxo

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