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Food Shopping 

What the heck is a sensory processing disorder?

Drive-in Movie Nightmare

Horse Therapy Adventure

The Forgotten Component of Autism

Why Operation is the Weirdest Game Ever

Occupational Therapy Adventure (for SPD)

Mom vs Me: the body temperature battle

SPD vs Just Being Sensitive

I am the T-REX

World’s Best Coper

Partying with SPD

 Highly Sensitive Person vs Sensory Processing Disorder

What School is Like for the Sensory Sensitive

That’d Be Great

Food Shopping Part 2: Big Decisions

Granola Bar Glasses

What the heck is ASMR?

Successful Mall Girl is Successful

My Dog Doesn’t Love Me

I Did A Podcast!

Marcus and the Club

Be My SPD Valentine?

I’d Like to Buy a Mattress

If Disney Princesses Had SPD/ASD

I am the Navajo Warrior

I Am My Disability

Personal Hell: Visiting a Psychiatrist

How Harry Potter Saved My Mental Health

The Things I Need

Sensory Sea-Turtle

Tina vs LSP

The Big Band-Aid Calamity

Enough with the Fireworks!

The Liebster Award, You Say?

How To Tell If You’re a Terrible Dancer

Liebster Response Questions: VIDEO

Dear Depression: You’re Tacky and I Hate You

NEWSFLASH: Adults have SPD Too!

The Attic 

The Real Restroom Dilemma

Infants sound like goats

Public Restrooms: A Guide for the Sensory Sensitive

The 5 Lies We’ve Been Told About Group Projects

The Day I Learned I Couldn’t Dance


SPD is not a “dubious diagnosis”

SPD Diagnosis in Adulthood

ZEMS: The Best Hearing Protectors in the World

True Tales: Owl Encounter

Halloween and How to Upset the Elderly

Why “it could be worse” makes me feel worse


  1. I would like you to meet, fall in love and marry my son (he’s 22). He has dealt with sensory issues his whole life and is “quirky”. I am sharing your blog with him – so he knows he is not alone. Thanks!!

    1. This is perhaps one of the most awesome blog comments I’ve ever received. Thank you for making my night. 😀
      Also, I’m single. Just throwing that out there….

  2. Thank you for creating this blog! My daughter is and SPD’er (she is 11) and I have always wondered how adults with SPD see the world and cope with it’s challenges. Like you, she is a fantastic writer, very funny and loves to draw. Thanks for giving me an insight into life with SPD as an adult. As she gets older and understands her issues more it has become increasing important for her to know she is not alone in her daily struggles. It’s good for her mom to know that too!

    1. Hi! Thanks for the comment. Now that I am an adult SPD’er, I can attest to the fact that while it’s similar to being an SPD child, I have gained a load of confidence in myself and how I let others see me. I have also learned to laugh at myself (if that isn’t obvious already!).

      Your daughter sounds like a lovely mini me. I hope you will show her my blog, as I know of many older children who enjoy reading it, especially kids with SPD.


  3. Love this blog. I am a mom of kids with SPD (and autism) and I blog about anxiety. Could I share one of your blogs? With credit of course because you are awesome and very talented.

  4. Hi! I’ve posted here before, so sorry to add on. I promise I’m not going to spam you. 🙂 I just wanted to say that as a huge fan who’s been really helped by all your blog posts and cartoons, I need some advice. I don’t really know who else to turn to.
    My mom knows I have sensory issues, but I feel like she doesn’t really comprehend that a lot of the things I do are because of that and aren’t just me throwing a tantrum. Like when I brush my hair, I always freak out and sometimes scream, and she acts like I’m being a baby and tells me she has no patience for it…which I understand, it’s pretty annoying, but I just don’t feel like she understands. I want to have a conversation with her about it, but I’m not sure how to do that. Any thoughts? If you respond, thank you so much!!! I know you must be very busy though…

    1. Hi CJ – sorry I didn’t see your comment sooner.
      Thank you for your comment. I know of a lot of people who are in a similar position to you in terms of their family being unsupportive of their sensory needs and problems. If I were you, I would write a letter to her containing all the things you want to say. Sometimes when we are having a difficult conversation, the words don’t come out like we want them too. If you take the time to write it down, you can formulate a better way to express your feelings to her. You can reference sensory info and sensory books to explain what you’re going through, which will help validate what you feel. You can also show her posts, comments or stories from other adults with sensory issues so she can see that this is a real condition. Best of luck! I hope I was able to help.

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