Sensory Like You

I am proud to present Sensory Like You – the very first book by SPD adults for SPD kids! It was written by my ever-lovely sensory friend Rachel S. Schneider of Coming to My Senses.  And of course, yours truly has done the illustrations, (if you couldn’t already tell by the cover). Yea, that’s me waving on the front, and that’s Rachel on the swing. We are really something.

In this charming, colorful, and easy-to-read book, illustrated versions of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) Adult Advocates, Rachel and Kelly, act as guides for their young, sensational readers. Children will learn about the senses and SPD through their new grown-up friends’ examples, as well as the importance of celebrating what makes them unique.
The focus of this book is acceptance. Thanks to their older, trustworthy sensory escorts, children will be reminded that having SPD doesn’t make them less – it makes them wonderful!

This lovely book fills a big gap. Reassuring, wise, and witty, “Sensory Like You” would be as great a gift for a young child as it would be for a grandparent, teacher, or other adult who maybe doesn’t quite “get it” yet.” -Carol Kranowitz, M.A., author of The Out-Of-Sync Child series.