Dear Depression: You’re Tacky and I Hate You

The following is an open letter to Depression:

Dear Depression,

I am writing to you because I’ve been having some serious concerns with our relationship. I won’t deny the closeness of our bond; we have been friends for many years now, and it often feels as if we are the same person. You know my favorite food, my worst fears, the things that makes me smile, and pretty much everything else – let’s be honest here. You’ve seen me in the shower, for heaven’s sake!

I never wanted things between us to get this intense; to go this far. I knew you liked me from the beginning, and I’ll admit, you seemed strange, but nice nevertheless. I let you into my life, or rather, you let yourself in. I must’ve forgotten to lock my door. From that day forward, you have done nothing but take, take, take. Some people say that their Depression has given them numerous “gifts.” I have not received one gift from you Depression, you selfish poo mongrel.

I constantly compare myself to other people and wonder if you’ve followed them around as you’ve followed me. I’ll never really know because nobody likes to talk about you. Don’t you have other friends besides me? I know you must, but I have yet to meet them.


depression 18

depression 19




I am tired. I am so tired of you, and because of you. Here are the things you have made me feel, in no particular order: worthless, unlovable, lazy, disgusting, scared, hopeless, helpless, trapped, and a few more which I will not name for the sake of droning on and on. Depression, must I be exhausted ALL the time? I can’t live my life if you won’t allow me to get out of bed.




depression 5


depression 7

depression 8



Depression, you cannot have me all to yourself. Even simple things, like going for a short walk outside, was made difficult by you.  I’m in an abusive relationship with you. You are my weakness, and I really hate myself for it. You are a manipulative, controlling piece of crap. 

depression 10


depression 12



Depression, I try to do my best and participate in normal life activities, but you always glue yourself to me. For instance, all those years I went to school, you INSISTED on tagging along. It was nearly impossible to focus with you there. Do you know how hard that was?






There is never a time when I can be without you. It makes me infuriated – why can’t I separate myself from you? I’ve spent a good deal of my time wondering where I’d be without you; what sorts of things might I’ve accomplished without having you always part of the picture? How different would my current state be if you weren’t insistent on tagging along for, well, everything. Sometimes, I just wanted to be alone.





I fight you daily.  I fight you using the power of cuddly and delightful things, such as baby animals. Their adorableness creates a temporary physiological blockade of YOU. For a brief moment, you aren’t part of my life.




That moment is fleeting, however. You tend to bust in, unannounced.


depression 29


Depression, once and for all, please get out of my life and stay out of my life. Occasional sadness is one thing, I mean, he’s not that bad of a guy. He knows his limits and respects them. You, on the other hand, do not. When I am with you, I become physically ill. When I glance in the mirror, my face belongs to someone else. I think, who is this person? This is not me. I don’t really look like that, right?

It never ceases to amaze me how talented you are at crushing every tiny ounce of positivity I manage to hold onto. So, STOP. I’ve had enough. I’m breaking up with you, and if it was possible, I would love to throw your ugly butt into a large, active volcano.


With absolutely no sincerity,



(I apologize for the hiatus in blog posts. Actually, screw that. I’m not apologizing. I’ve been dealing on and off with severe depression/exhaustion/crapsauce and have been unable to function on a regular basis. In combo with my sensory problems, I’m feeling totally useless being I cannot work/being an adult under these circumstances. BUT I’M ALSO LIKE:



  1. This is seriously such an awesome post, one of the best I’ve seen on wp. Have you read Hyperbole’s depression post? Yours is just as awesome, more people should see this! I love the art and the writing anddddd it’s so relatable- that little depression blob follows me around a lot too, and definitely makes it hard to write/create, so I totally feel you there too… Umm I want to write more because I really love this post so much, but I’ve run out of things to say other than 💜💜💜!

    1. thankies – I have indeed seen Hyperbole’s posts on depression (both part 1 and 2) and I very much enjoyed them. The piece of wrinkled corn under the fridge in part 2 was the most glorious thing I’ve ever read.

      My depression post took weeks to write and illustrate….because of my depression. DARN IT ALL. I see the depression blob has friends other than me. He’s a jerk…next time you see him, punch him in the face for me.
      xxxoxoxoxox ❤

  2. When you weren’t looking, Depression came over to my house and we fooled around. A LOT. It’s not something I feel proud of. I just thought it would make the both of us feel better to know that Depression has been throwing that thang all around town.

  3. My two of my (now grown up) children suffer from depression, quite severely at times. Thank you for sharing your experiences, and for the fantastic pictures. The more that non-sufferers hear about the illness, especially in this very accessible way, the more it will become acceptable for suffers to speak out and get sensible reactions of kindness and support. Mir xx

    1. Thanks for sharing your story with me. One of the main reasons I write about these things is so others can learn about them and not be so ignorant towards those of us who struggle with these challenges.

  4. I completely agree with Problems With Infinity. Your a good writer. And depression is a b*tch.. Everyone says oh, just get out of bed or think positive thoughts. It’s not that easy.

  5. Wow, this post is sincere, if I replaced the signing off with my name, nothing would change. still healing from Post-Partum Depression, this post nailed it! It amazes me how depression made it look like we were monogamous, and there the idiot was, hitting on and flirting with others!!

  6. That final .gif? IS EVERYTHING.
    (Brains can be such liars…especially when they tell us it’s “all in our heads.”)

    I’m sorry it’s been so crapsauce lately. Here’s hoping for a bit less crap, and a bit more sauce, soon.

  7. Don’t give depression the privilege of life, it is a virus that only survives with a host. How to NOT be a suitable host for depression? Just focus on things that make you happy and don’t introspect too much. Of course continue to be your awesome self and mock depression more – eventually the bullying should drive it away 😛 I used to have that virus but focus on things beside yourself and know it is all actually okay, our minds can make things seem a 100 times worse than they actually are. You are an awesome blogger! 🙂

  8. I’m definitely in a years-long relationship with Depression’s a-hole cousin Anxiety. Thanks for your honesty and wit- more people SHOULD talk about this stuff! Also, crapsauce = new favorite word. Already thinking of ways to work it into my everyday vocab. ❤

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