I am the Navajo Warrior

Somewhere in the woods behind my house lives an entire pack of coyotes. I know this because every now and then, they will all begin to shriek and yelp together for a minute or two. The sound of it is rather disturbing, and it usually happens in the middle of the night.

One night, I woke to the sound of the coyotes howling, except this time, they were louder than ever before. In fact, they sounded as if they were right outside my house. They went on forever, until suddenly, I saw a light flick on outside my window. Instantly, the entire pack was silenced. The light remained on for another minute, then went off. No more sounds were heard for the rest of the night.

The next morning I jumped out of bed eagerly (which is not normal for me, because getting out of bed is my most hated activity). I ran to my sister in the room next to mine, hoping she too heard the commotion last night.







Next, I quickly searched for Momsy. Surely she must have heard the wild noises in the night! She hears everything.







On the brink of completely losing it, I texted my dad.



(Yes, I  still have one of those awesomesauce flip phones with a keyboard, built in 2007 or something.)


When I got Dad’s reply, I was overjoyed! DAD HEARD THEM TOO.

Then he sent another text:


What a fantastical idea!

I was already wearing my striped pajamas, so I quickly threw on some heavy duty neon teal socks, then my boots, my poofy coat, a polka dot scarf, old blue mittens, and of course, my owl hat. I contemplated putting some sort of helmet on my head, either a metal pot or pasta strainer, but I opted out and risked head injury. The wilderness called me, and I was prepared.


I stepped outside into the cool morning and marched through the snow towards my garden. I peeked around like a ninja and scanned the trees and snow banks, looking for evidence of the wild dogs. It was quiet and still. The trees loomed over my head, watching me.

I  hunted for tracks in the snow, or anything to give me a clue! Suddenly, I spotted some faint tracks and a brown blob just ahead of me.


To my frustration, it was just the paw prints and old turd of my dog Sam.


Sam was outside on the deck, glaring at me. He poked his pudgy face through the deck railings.


After the incident of false hope, it was then that I noticed that I had forgotten to grab a golf club for protection. Instantly, I was vulnerable; a snack waiting to be devoured. I tried to imagine the scenario if the coyotes appeared. It went two ways:

Option 1, I beg for mercy and convince the coyotes that I am not worth their efforts because I would be a pointless snack.


Option 2, I summon my inner wilderness warrior and become the leader of the pack.


After a while of searching, there was no sign of the pack of coyotes anywhere. I returned inside, a little TREMENDOUSLY disappointed.



I texted my dad, and told him I found zero evidence. I also casually mentioned that I went out there without any weapons. I told him I was a warrior of nature, essentially.

This was our actual conversation, I copied it directly from my phone:








At the end of the day, it was only my dad and I that heard the coyotes. We have yet to purchase night vision goggles, as they are more expensive than either of us realized. Still, my quest to track down the coyotes will never cease. When I hear their calls in the darkness, I stealthily peer out the corner of my window and hope to catch a glimpse of the scruffy dogs of the wild.



Are YOU a wilderness warrior? Have you had an extreme run-in with nature?! Comment below and join me in my quest to become keeper of the wilderness! Together, we can save the animals.

xo kelly





  1. I was running a forklift on a windfarm project out on the Kansas plains. At the end of the day/total dark-a-tude, I was asked to take the forklift back to the main yard. Someone was supposed to pick me up and take me back to where our vehicles were parked (over a mile away). They forgot me.

    Being the independent, stubborn person that I am, I decided to walk back to my pickup… with just my keychain flashlight. Half way back to my ride I heard a russle in the prairie grass and shrubbery just off the side of the dirt road I was traversing. Then a howl to my right… then an echoing eery response from my left… my stomach hightailed it out of there as I tried to calmly walk on. “Don’t run, don’t run, don’t run,” screamed my panicking brain.

    Coyotes send a scout to take a look at the yummy morsel the pack is about to make a snack. Less than ten feet from me a coyote ran across the road. “Oh jeez,” I thought, “I’m about to be dinner! What do I do? Ok, ok, I can do this… don’t be prey… noise… make noise!” and I did. Clapped my hands, waved my arms, yelled, wildly shined my flashlight, prayed to God to make it quick if the coyotes were going to eat me…

    I could hear the pack getting closer. I could feel them all around me. My brain said, “Dude, you’re totally prey,” and left to join my stomach. I somehow managed to keep walking. Just when I thought it was all over, a pickup truck came over the top of a hill and bathed me in mind blowingly bright headlights. I’ve never been so happy to have my eyes scalded out of my head by bright lights. The guys offered me a ride which I accepted. They never knew they saved me from being wild doggie dinner.

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