So there’s this funny thing that happens to me when I experience sensory overload. Apparently I’ve had it for quite some time now, but I’ve only just given it a name and I’m working on stopping it. Sort of.

I call it, T-REX. It sounds way cooler than it actually is.

When I am over-stimulated, I struggle with what’s called proprioception. This is the ability to be aware of my own body movements and my spatial orientation, or position of my body and limbs.  In other words, it’s the ability of me knowing where my body is and what it’s doing. People with sensory difficulties may struggle with proprioception, although it’s not usually discussed because it’s not something general (like sound, touch, taste, etc).

In any case, when I experience this, my body and brain attempt to fix my sensory issues on their own and it doesn’t always work out so well for them.

It’s like when your husband says to you, “Honey, I’ll fix that leaking faucet even though I’ve never done so before but I totally can do it anyway.” The next thing you know, the faucet has exploded and there’s two inches of water in your home. Your husband put some duct tape around it and it’s “good enough I guess.” It has stopped leaking, but it’s certainly not fixed.

When my brain and body are over-run with sensory junk and they fail to fix it, they use their own version of duct tape. My brain tells my body to contort into the position of your average, everyday tyrannosaurus rex. It looks a little something like this:

Picture 8

Not only is this embarrassing, but I have no awareness of doing it. When I try to change my position, it’s extremely difficult if not, impossible. The T-rex pose is the only way my body and brain have decided to put a temporary fix on a problem they cannot seem to solve. I can only assume this pose comes from my brain trying to find balance.

When my mom and I are out together and she sees me doing this, she whisper/yells “T-REX. T-REX. T-REX.”

My mom then suggests that I try to change my arm position into a more normal-looking one. She says, “swing your arms!” But my arms refuse to. Instead, they swing in unison and I look even worse. It gets me weird looks and small children cry at the sight of it.

Picture 9


When all else fails, I must embrace it. I become the T-Rex, I AM THE T-REX.

Picture 11


xoxo kelly



  1. I LOVE the humor you add/include in all your posts ~ your drawings are the EXTRA bonus.

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Interesting how you see yourself and how free your drawings are.
    Are you on Twitter or a Social Media site? I bet it would get a lot of hits.
    Love, Aunt Joan

  3. Want to know something funny? Just the other week, someone sent me a couple of pictures from a social event I attended. There were about 30 people there and I only knew about 6 of them. It was stressful and I felt overloaded within minutes.

    In nearly EVERY picture, my hands are doing the T-Rex. See if you can spot me.

    I wasn’t even aware that I did this thing. It’s kind of awesome to recognise it.

    1. Oh my god, this is amazing. I should coin the “t-rex” phrase right now – you just gave me proof that it’s a legit thing. I spotted you right away. Thank you so much for sharing this, made my night!

      1. It’s like… hang on. Why are my hands doing this thing? Why isn’t EVERYONE ELSE doing this thing? Oh god I’m weird. But in a good way. 😀

  4. i have sensory issues, attributed to adhd by my doctors, and i do ALL of this! i walk swayback, i do t-rex hands, and when i’m barefoot i tiptoe. reading this was such a relief; now i know i’m not the only one!

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