Mom vs Me: The body temperature battle

As the seasons change, one thing in my life always remains the same.

My mother, facing the great beast known as menopause, experiences hot flashes. Despite the temperature inside or outside, chances are mom’s having “a flash.”  She relies on fans, air conditioning, ice pops, and cold water.

Then there’s me. With my extremely skinny body, I am consistently ice cold. Despite the temperature inside or outside, chances are I’m completely numb.  I rely on cups of tea, wrapping myself in thousands of blankets, and portable heaters.

So here’s a quick look at what we look like throughout the year:

Picture 15


Picture 12



Picture 17


Picture 14


-xoxo Kelly


  1. I was consistently cold when living at my parents too! Now that I’m an adult living on my own, I find it a lot easier to hit that “sweet spot” with regards to heating and amount of clothing I need to wear to be comfortable.

  2. Too, funny ~ I love your drawings! Please ask your Mom, do the ice pops work? I will need to try them 🙂

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